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Gretchen Keeton

Gretchen began her successful career in home construction in 1998 when she entered the new home construction market in Dallas, Texas, as a real estate agent for a large builder. In 2002 she moved to the Kansas City area and began working for a local builder in Blue Springs, Missouri. As much as she loved the real estate side of the business, her expertise and curiosity fueled her into expanding her expertise. This led her to the property management side of home construction. Soon after that Gretchen began working for a multi-million-dollar home builder, estimating all new home construction, budget control and subcontractor relationships. Then in 2014, she and her husband started Spectrim Homes and began building homes together.

Gretchen’s passion is working with clients to create an enjoyable new home construction experience. She has a flair for attention to quality design while customizing a home that suits her client’s needs, lifestyle and budget. 

Ken Keeton

Ken began his building and project management career in the early 1980s as a building inspector for the city of Kansas City. He spent several years in the industry developing the expertise necessary to move to the next level. In 1990 Ken started building new homes for various building contractors and clients. In 2005 he catapulted to the next phase in his career, working for S&T building 30 – 40 homes at once. There was a little destiny sprinkled in the mix, as Ken met Gretchen when she was the Director of Sales and Marketing for the same company. Ken started a new business in 2008 building new single family homes and several townhomes. Closed that business in 2010 due to economic down turn. Not one to sit around idly, Ken began teaching college until the economy rebounded. That’s when Ken started building large multi-million dollar homes for Larson Building. The first house Ken built for Larson won the “Pick of the Parade” in the 2014 Fall Kansas City Parade of Homes. Ken and Gretchen started Spectrim Homes in 2017 and continue to design, build, and deliver uniquely styled, quality homes.

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